Preserve the Legacy: Support Enon Cemetery

Preserve the Legacy: Support Enon Cemetery
Our beloved Enon Cemetery and Church Grounds hold the memories of countless lives, weaving the tapestry of our community’s history. To ensure the timeless beauty and solemnity of this sacred space, we’re reaching out to you for ongoing support.
There is a critical need for funds. It costs a minimum of $300 per month to maintain the grounds and ensure the cemetery doesn’t revert to its previous condition.
Every donation brings us one step closer to preserving the legacy of our loved ones. The generosity of those who are vested in Enon will be the lifeblood of its future.
To donate send a check payable to Enon Cemetery and Church Grounds, c/o Midway United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 126 Midway, AL 36053.
The Enon Cemetery Committee functions on a nonprofit basis pursuant to responsibilities delegated by the Midway United Methodist Circuit Churches. Midway United Methodist will forward a receipt acknowledging contributions including a Tax ID number for your records.
Efforts to provide a way of donating online via a debit or credit card are on-going, but have proven more difficult than we first anticipated. We will continue to work to establish an online capability.
Thank you for being the heartbeat of our community. Together, let’s ensure that Enon Cemetery remains a place of reflection, remembrance, and reverence.
With gratitude, Enon Cemetery and Church Grounds Committee


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